Mini-Essays on Bratislava's 2nd District

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right|225px|thumb|The Prievoz chateau.

In the school year 2002/3 during English language lessons, high school students from the then-class 2.GB at St. Vincent de Paul High & Primary School in Bratislava, Slovakia, wrote essays on Bratislava's 2nd district, that mostly consists of the large city part called Ružinov.

Ružinov is considered one of the greenest city parts of Bratislava. Although Bratislava is centuries old, most of Ružinov (with the exception of its section called Prievoz) was simply barren land 100 years ago. Today, the headquarters of the parliamentary parties of the 3 most recent prime ministers of Slovakia are located in Ružinov, within walking distance from our school building.

Writing the essays was part of the students' work on the school's Socrates Project titled Regional Culture: Identity in the Past, Identity for the Future. The essays are reproduced here with all (many) original mistakes uncorrected. Feel free to correct them! :-)

right|380px|thumb|The best-known street in Ružinov: Ružinovská.

essay 1

2nd District is one part of Bratislava. That district include Ružinov, Vrakuňa, Dolné hony and Poddunajské Biskupice. Is situated near New Town on the west side and from the south side is Danube. Across the Vrakuňa flow river small Danube. The Biggest part of district is Ružinov. Is nearest the center of Bratislava. Ružinov have a good traffic Communications, because is here a new motorway. In 2nd District is many shops, offices and other services. The biggest shop is Prior in center of Ružinov. In that district is many trees and green against other District in Bratislava. In Ružinov is a big hospital, beyond this building is small pond called “roll”. In 2nd District are two nice churches. First is in Ružinov and second is in Vrakuňa near river small Danube. Every year are in Ružinov “Ružinov festivity” , many people come to center of Ružinov for celebrations. In Ružinov is many cultural activitis, especially in cultural house. We haven’t got many sports areas here. The biggest sport center is ice hockey Stadium Ondreja Nepelu.

All of the districts in Bratislava are specific, but very small. In all district in Bratislava live peoples. Districts have many good sides and bed sides, it‘s normal for big city.

essay 2

Bratislava- the fourth part RUZINOV

I don´t know this part very well, because when I lived in Bratislava, I lived in part call Karlova Ves.

I think, that Ruzinov is very nice part, because there are lot of trees and there is so much green. Our school {gymnasium St. Vincent de Paul} is situating near the second gymnasium in Ruzinov- Horvath. Behind our school is little shopping centre named ”KOCKA”. But on left side there is a bigger shopping centre {I think, it is the biggest shop in Ruzinov}. This shopping centre belongs a culture house, there are organize a dramatic games or folklores celebrations.

Sometimes we are going on mass in close church. This church is sacred to St. Vincent. In underground this church is place, where we have a meeting or concentrates.

The patron of the fourth part of Bratislava is…and on autumn is making the celebration. You can visit on this celebration merry-go-round and taste the sausages and drink beer or wine.

You can visit the cemetery, which is on commemoration Tiso.

I think, that people want live there because there is quit and really nice surroundings. There are so many family houses and little gardens, which owners live in centre of Bratislava.

essay 3

Ruzinov is a nice part of Bratislava. My school is there. Ruzinov is separated into small parts. For example: Posen, Ostredky, Strkovec, Travniky. There are two lakes: Strkovec and Rohlik. Inhabitants and tourists can relax near them and also in Vrakunsky Lesopark. There are lot of bus and tram connections. Over there travel buses: 50, 78, 85, 86, 96 and many others. Trams: 8, 9, 14. Most popular shopping centre is Avion near the airport. There live lot of rascals, like: Filip B. or Peter L.

essay 4

I like Ruzinov. I had had trainings there. I think it is one of the nicest parts in Bratislava. I did not know Ruzinov for a long time. At present I know church, my school, and a way from church to my school, because I am walking there every day. I know department store and center of cultur, too. I live in Petrzalka. Ruzinov has a lot of nice, not so high blocks of flats with nice architecture. In Ruzinov is also cemetary, where we were once with classmates. I still do not know Ruzinov very much but I hope i will. It is too bad, I know it only because of I have school there. I wish I know Ruzinov without my school, too.

essay 5

The ward Ba-Ružinov arised after the november 1989. Her amout of inhabitants -75.089 it is one of the biggest parts of Ba. Opposite other parts is abundat to wather´s areas. In her center are lake Štrkovisko, Rohlík and the biggest of them is Zlaté Piesky with extent 54ha. Here are situated lot of green, verdure, much playgrounds and sporting areas. It´s eden from young pairs with children. She has 8 characteristic habitations: Nivy, Ružová Dolina, Štrkovec, Pošeň, Ostredky, Prievoz, Trnávka.

The name Ružinov is date from 20th century from title Ružový Ostrov (Rosenheim). The cultural memory is the Csakyho castel at Kaštielska street from 19th century. It was build in eclecktical style. And new church at Tomašikova street is speciment of the modern architecture to 21th century.

In the 2th district are situated 13 secontary school like Ostredky- sport gymnasium, Tomašikova, Nevädzova or our sv. Vicent de Paul. The cultural center is Cultus wich is center of entertaiment and education. or the Cultural house (DK Ružinov). It offered a cinema, restaurat, pubs and shops. Whether the fresh build shopping center = Avion.

The part of Ružinov is also an Air-port. It´s situated at east district- it vicinited with Ivanka pri Dunaji.

I like this districk. I have lived there since infancy.

essay 6

Bratislava - 2-nd district

The 2-nd district is the nicest part of Bratislava. It is really curious to find so many trees on one square kilometer in towns. There is situated a lot of schools. It is a district, in which there aren’t any skinheads. In last years there are many sprayers. There are anarchists, punkers and skaters. But most of the common kids from there are rappers and hip-hoppers. The example of it is the crew and hip-hop group called “Nová doba“ (The New Era).

It’s really a young group. You can see it in theirs texts. But no matter. They have a long carrier before themselves. It’s really interesting to study the carriers of groups. You can compare the carriers of different groups. As the sprayers they have to practice a lot . One makes tags in cursive letters, second in printing type letters and only one of them really knows the tag writing. But no matter. There are many parks there. It’s really fun there. It’s a really beautiful district.

essay 7

2nd district of Bratislava is called Ružinov.
Ružinov consist of Strkovec,Trávniky,Pošeň,Ostredky,Trnávka.
I live here until I was born.
In part which is called Trávniky.
It`s a very beautiful district full of trees and grass.
There is a lot of fountains.
Our gymnasium sv.Vincenta de Paul is situated here.
Ružinov have own TV called TV RIK and own newspaper called Ružinovské echo.
We have two lakes here.
Strkovec lake and Rohlík lake.
I think it is safe district.
People who live here are very friendly.
It is very quiet district than others.
On Ostredky there is Police station.
But in Ružinov is few policemen.
Everything in city is not far away from here.
We have tramways here with number 8,9,14.
Lord Mayor of Ružinov is Pavol Kubovič.
Every year in autumn we have feast ,,Ružinovské hody“.
Famous radio-Radio Twist is situated here.
Ružinov is not biggest district of Bratislava but it is most beautiful.

essay 8

I live in Bratislava almost fourteen years long and it is my hometown. Nowadays, the population of Bratislava, capital of Slovakia, has 550 000 inhabitants. Bratislava is divided into five districts. I live in the part of the Old City. My school is located in Ruzinov. Below I will try to describe you where I spent my early years of childhood as my parents lived there. Ruzinov is well-known by its pretty surroundings. Plenty of parks and lovely backyards with benches are around every corner. Many people like to ride bicycles here as there are special bike-trails. You can find a lots of opportunities for summer and winter activities. Well-known lake Strkovec is often used in winter by people of all ages for ice-skating. In hot summer days you can cool down by swimming or just relaxing and tanning near by. There are also other smaller lakes and swimming pools around with many playgrounds for children where they can use swings and slides.

Between Ruzinov and other parts of Bratislava is very good connection by public transportation. It takes only 15 minutes to get to downtown. The biggest open market place is located in this district as well. You can buy here everything from fresh fruit and vegetable to clothes for good prices. Because of all these advantages Ruzinov is considered as the best part in Bratislava to live in. We cannot compare any of the other districts with Ruzinov as they are very different. Each one has special characteristics. The Old City has many beautiful old buildings and architectonical sights. On the other side Petrzalka and Dubravka are the stone city, with many high apartment buildings.

essay 9

Bratislava contains from someone parts. One of the parts is Ružinov. I don't know to much about Ružinov.First time I was in Ružinov before two years. Ružinov is a better part of Bratislava. But should be more clean. First time when I was in Ružinov was, when I go to my school.In Ružinov are many high school. My high school is Holy Vincent de Paul in Bachova 4 street. I like my school she is hard but quite good. My school have a church. The school is near then my school.Ružinov is the nearest part of Bratislava. When were in summer floats Ružinov was in danger. Ružinov is quite nice part of Bratislava. Ružinov have a nice parks and nice surroundings. But I love my part of city where I live she name Dlhe Diely.

essay 10

If you want to know some information about 2nd district of Bratislava, you can read some sentences which I have written for you. Ruzinov is one part of Bratislva. It has many schools, for example: Tomasikova, sport school Ostretkova, Horvathova and of course our school, primary school and secondary school St. Vincent de Paul. Our school is at Bachova Street. I think that Ruzinov is good looking part of Bratislava. Here is good nature; a lot of trees and grass grow so well. In Ruzinov are some parts, for example Predna or Zadna Posen. I thhink, that it’s interesting name for part. But here are intresting names for streets too. For example names of flowers. But if you want to go to Ruzinov, you must take on the tram 8,9 or 14. Many people travel to Ruzinov to work or to school. In Ruzinov is lake where swim ducks and in summer people sunbath at beach of Strkovec. Near our school we have new modern church where we use to go when saint’s day is. In Ruzinov are only blocks of flats, no family houses. In summer is Ruzinov very sunny, in autumn are brown yellow and red leafs at walksides. In winter is windy, but in summer is all green and new flowers smell in all Ruzinov. So, this is my information for you about 2nd district of Ruzinov.

essay 11

1. My relationship to the second descript is very neutral.
2. I have here my school bud that’s all.
3. As a child I didn’t know that something like Ruzinov does exist.
4. Here are living some of my friends.
5. Like Michal, Filip, Adam and others.
6. In Ruzinov are a lot of trees and grass.
7. Here are also many parks.
8. What I don’t like on Ruzinov is the number of the shits in the parks.
9. It looks like that all pet-owners are going with their darlings there just to purge them.
10. It’s sorrowfully…
11. There is a nice little cemetery.
12. I like places like cemeteries because I think they are alive…
13. I can here think about all my problems without stupid questions.
14. I love the atmosphere here.
15. Days are here beautiful.
16. Bud in the night it’s dangerous here…
17. Because some crazy guys are living here.
18. I didn’t see them but I know how they look like.
19. They are wearing big T-shirts and trousers ,,in knees”…
20. They are more dangerous than I… hahahahahaha…or ?

essay 12

Ruzinov is one of the part of the second district. I´m living here from born. I love Ruzinov for its silent surrounding. It´s one of few parts where is still greenery. I like Strkovecke lake with many swans and ducks on it. Ruzinov is famous for dogs. Here living the most dogs from Bratislava. In Ruzinov are many possibilities for sport. Here are many sports areals and sports clubs. I´m a member of the Ruzinov Sport Club where I´m playing tennis. Near the lake is an areal for children. Children can there spend all day. Ruzinov has also a cultural house who offers many events. Every Tuesday I´m going to the Vladimir Dzurilla´s ice stadium on hockey. I´m a big fan of our hockey team. It´s the only quarter team in Bratislava. During my freetime I´m also going to the cinema which is near to my flat. In compare to the other parts, Ruzinov is the best. Here are the most expencive flats. If I can choose where in Bratislava would I live I will choose Ruzinov. Ruzinov is also known for its most developed infrastructure. Here are many shops and supermarkets. The most famous are Delvita, Billa or Baumax. Near to my flat is the biggest factory in whole Bratislava – Slovnaft. Ruzinov is simply the best part.

essay 13

Ward Bratislava – Ruzinov arose after November 1989. Her extent is 39,6 km2 with 76 0860 amount people. It´s greatest from 17 wards of bratislava. Ruzinov have 8 characteristical habitations: NIVY, RUZOVA DOLINA, TŔAVNIKY, STRKOVEC, POSEN, OSTREDKY, PRIEVOZ, TRNAVKA.

There are also any cultural remembrances: Jewel of Ruzinov is mramor-house of Csaky on the Kastielska street in Prievoz. Ruzinov is weell-know his rich cultural and educate tradition. On the this place are schools many characters: 13 elementary and 28 other schools.

Education is easy with big library – „Library of Ruzinov, which has 5 sectors in single parts of it.

Sport life is interesting too. The center of sport is „Stadion of Vladimir Dzurilla“.There are many possybitities and many sport clubs for example footbal club Rapid Bratislava, figure-skating club SK Slovan, volleyball club SLAVIA UK, and many more clubs dancings, bicycles, fishing and other.

Arround country is a lot of verdue. We have also some parks suitable for leisure.

The newest building is church of St. Vincent de Paul, which is next to our school, then shopping centrum POLUS CITY CENTRE, and other.

Emblem of Ruzinov is Rose (always blossom Rose).


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